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This gallery shows the different styles of heritage brick/stone work and their different processes

The rebuilding of salvage brick in English Garden Wall bond in Lime Mortar

The Rebuilding and Restoration of this 1882 Grade 1 Protected Structure


The facade was covered with a cement based brick cladding over the original brickwork, we carefully removed the cement using hand tools and selected a brick to match the existing and and restored the window using brick specials, work was completed all in lime mortar.

Stages of Camber Arches

Conservation and Restoration works to late 1600 Abbatoire


Major works to abbatoire in Dublin City Centre, this structure was on the verge of collapse, Revamp were awarded the contract to this Grade 1 Protected Structure. Some works included…

– Rebuilding of brick and stonework including several camber arches and semi-circular arches all in lime mortar, brick repairs, repointing and relaying of granite cappings.

The following photographs gives you an idea of the key stages of this rare and complex project



The rebuilding of two camber arches and parapet wall

More Decorative Brickwork

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